**The Liberty Campaign Order signed by Lt. Gen. Richard C. Zilmer on September 29th 2008 applies to all service members and civilian personnel assigned  to
Marine Corps Bases Japan, III Marine Expeditionary Force in Japan, as well as their dependents.  The Marine Corps says no service members, civilian personnel
assigned to Marine Corps Bases Japan, III MEF in Japan, or their dependents, will enter any burial site or tomb except as a member of a funeral cortege or as a
family member at appropriate ceremonies.**
Recollections of a Relic Hunter (Okinawa)       
    To all who shall see these presents, Greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the Patriotism, Valor, Fidelity and abilities of: Joseph Mitrovich, PFC William Pierce, Corporal Majewski, Corporal James White, Major Brenchley, George Black, Dennis Moran, B.J. Moore, David Davenport, Barbara Morrisey...  They have therefore carefully and diligently discharged voluminous personal material and extraordinary historical references in order to expand your brain housing group Sherlock!  Without their efforts for this website you and I would be out of luck!

"Hero and the Villain" The Combat history of PFC James Chaisson who earned the Navy Cross on Sugar Loaf Hill during the battle of Okinawa
""My War" by Sergeant Glenn Searles 77th Infantry Division. BAR & Pointman
during combat on Tokashiki, Ie Shima and the Shuri line.
(click) on picture on right!
Permission for use granted by Warner Searles 10 Dec 2011
Salyer's Article from: The Coalfield Progress 10 Nov 2011
Japanese Army Lieutenant's Non-Surrender
Dennis Moran recalls:
"The individual I refer to is someone I met in the village of Henoko, Okinawa, in 1963. He was tending a small store in an area of the village not frequented by Americans. I attempted to communicate my wants in my best broken Japanese, while he patiently listened. Then, he responded to me in perfect English. I asked where he had learned that English, and he said he had gone to college in the U.S. in the late 1930's.

   I asked what he was doing running a small store in Henoko when his language skills were surely of corporate value and, obviously, he was college-educated. He said he preferred a nondescript and low-key life. He peaked my curiosity, and he told me what had happened. He said he was drafted into the Japanese Infantry and commissioned a Lieutenant in WW2.

    He ended up on Okinawa, and near the end of the battle he surrendered what was left of his unit, recognizing the battle as totally lost. He said he then put on civilian clothes and simply mixed himself into the population. He said his family probably thought he was dead and that he and they were probably better off for it. He said he knew others who had done the same thing. He struck me as being very Westernized in some of his thinking. I didn't ask for any real particulars, as the war had been over for 18 years and I believed he was entitled to the life he had made. I don't think he was kidding.

   His English articulation was better than mine, and he was completely out of place. The U.S. military had long since lost interest in any Japanese military remnants on Okinawa who had become a part of the population, and they were no doubt aware of a substantial number who had assimilated. It was just a sleeping dog that was just as well to left lie.

    These guys are all in their 80's now - those that are still alive - but they may still want to protect the feelings and cultural values of siblings, and perhaps even of descendants. So at the time, and still, I reported nothing to the Japanese liason searching for the (for the most part, remains of) Japanese MIA's.
Featured pages:
"On the Point of the Spear"
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Experiences of a Marine Rifleman
during the battles for the island of Okinawa in April, May,and June 1945 by Corporal James S. White G.Co. 3rd Battalion 29th Marines 6th Marine Division

Permission granted for use by:
Mr. James S. White
10 Feb 2011


For the Good Dope on Wpns Co. 29th Marines
                      Battle of Okinawa

Corporal James S. White, Tsingtao, China Nov. 1945 & with wife Verna L. White at reunion of 6th Marine Division
Picture submitted by Mr. Joe Gilman 1/26/2011
Charles F. Bostwick EOD tech - Guadalcanal
Read about his service in Part 1 & 2 Bomb Disposal History Log
Ever wonder what it was like to be a Bomb Disposal Man on Guadalcanal during the War?
Now you don't have to!  Click to read Lt Chewing's account courtesy of the Disposaleer Magazine!
Veteran' s profile pages

6th Marine Tank Battalion
Profile of Corporal
Robert W. Koehler Sr.
USMC 1943-1946
Okinawa - Chinese Occupation
Letters and Photographs of Pvt. Elvin Kehres
Co "C" 1stBn 29th Mar. 6th MarDiv China Marine

Profile of CWO 2 Edward Hassig USMC 1927 - 1954
China Marine - Wake Island - POW

Mailman 3rd Class Donald Morrisey
36th Special Bat. photo album

I recently was fortunate to purchase signed items from Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss U.S. Navy.  Due to his religious convictions he refused to carry a weapon into battle while on the front lines of Hacksaw ridge during the battle of Okinawa.  The article scanned on the link is from Southern Tidings magazine and is dated March 1971.  
(Pictures courtesy of: Joe Mitrovich)

Old Corps China Dolls of the Peking Legation circa 1900!
Relic hunting Okinawa
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    Japanese Navy Mission Board! Captured by the Sixth Marine Division at Yontan Airfield Okinawa 1945.
Photo Galleries

AirForce Officer's 1945 Photographs! 
    Over 30 unique! 
       Surrender - Battle - Okinawans

click on pic
Writer Mr. Jon Mitchell
on a battlefield strong point

Jon Mitchell's superbly written account of Dave Davenport's
lifelong love of saving history and healing families

torn apart by the conflict.
More Good to Go Gouge down the ladderwell!
You are sure to enjoy Peter Flahavin's excellent historical "then and now" comparison's and diary entries from his regular trips to Guadalcanal to uncover history! 
While we gathered up my personal belongings, Chief said: “I pity the Marine who gets to ride on our stretcher.  He’ll have to lie right on Jap sabers or Mauser pistols or Arisaka rifles.”  He turned to Murph.  “You ‘member that guy who had to ride in on the Nambu machine gun?”

   According to Chief, he and Murph always loaded their stretcher with battle souvenirs and then carried their wounded in on top on them.  Officers who used to commend Murph and Chief for struggling in with wounded under heavy fire, little realized that under the wounded were enough battle souvenirs to keep the store open for months.  Just as they didn’t worry about insults, they didn’t worry much about danger.  They would go anywhere and endure any kind of fire if the pickings were good, and since they were fairly strong and had good endurance they brought in a lot of wounded Marines along with their hero gear.
Excerpt from “Marine at War” pg 173-174 - Russell Davis 1961

Construction at Charlie Ridge
Metal Detecting Code of Ethics you should follow

No leaving of holes and trash you dug up behind.
Always ask permission to hunt private land.

Absolutely stay away from Tomb and Historical Areas!
If you are asked to leave a place, just say, "Okay, sorry." and leave.
Avoid confrontation with the authorities.
Don't steal your friend's spots
Abide by all foreign, U.S. and local laws
Leave UXO and lethal ojects in place.  Mark if possible!
Use common sense and consideration for others when detecting.
Be responsible
Use thoughtfulness, consideration, and courtesy at all times.

Let somebody know where your going in case something happens.
*** I'm looking for general pictures of Okinawa
- people and Marines- Equipment from the 50's - 90's. 
Use the contact tab on top of page if you'd like to share your photographs.
  ***      Semper Fi,  Bob Wilke
15 Jan 2012
   I just finished reading the Glenn Searles letter. That is another excellent first-hand account of the actions that were fought on and around Okinawa, and I'm glad that it made it into the records on your website. The website is no doubt becoming a resource for historians to refer to, in part because up-close histories of the battle and the battlefield are available from 1945 through to the present day, from people who saw it from all different aspects and times. I wish more WW2 vets had recorded their experiences like Glenn Searles did.

Keep on keeping on!

--- Dennis Moran

Bob...what I could see brought me to tears. I so appreciate what you are doing.  I watched the video and just cried at what our men went through for us. No wonder dad never spoke of it.  B.J.

"Outstanding book! Come for a visit and a dig; that way you could add to your book." - Majikpol

"I finished your text and I enjoyed it so much I read it again." - Dmussori

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"I woundn't change a thing"!  - Ryukyucavemaster

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" Thank you for all you wrote on the Marines in this time. Semper Fi
I'll add you to my favorites list and check on items time to time."
- tigermaple5

Amazing true stories, well-illustrated - spinkk

Super Item. A must for any WWII Historian! - gstring

  I enjoyed the Okinawa manuscript very much! - Tom

"A GREAT STORY" - Okane32

" I've read a lot of the manuscript, it's pretty good!" - James

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"Have really enjoyed the CD of Okinawa relic hunting stories I got from you."- Sharps1859

  "I enjoyed reading of your Okinawa relic hunting adventures very much." - CMccluer

" Thankyou so much for selling this great book. As someone that lives on Okinawa has some great information that I never knew about the island.

Thanks again -jillian5150

Marvel Comics Sept 1964
During my last deployment to Okinawa Japan, Saturday mornings were a very special time for me. Short years ago, I was able to experience such enjoyable experiences with my comrades in Relic Hunting Dwayne and Major B as we traveled the World War 2 Battlefields of Okinawa.

  I knew that I had to write down the feelings and stories of our adventures exploring such historic places as Wana Ridge, Kunishi Ridge and the final assault at Cape Kiyan.

  This Ebook "Recollections of a Relic Hunter" describes those adventures and includes many never before seen photographs I've collected over the years,  I offer this to you to enjoy and learn about this small aspect of the War and Okinawa in particular. 
Click here for more Video's at the Historical Society's page courtesy of Chris Majewski
Half Moon Hill Video's  courtesy of Chris Majewski
            Japan Update Newpaper Reports

**** Fisherman claims to know WW2 Ship's resting spot <http://www.japanupdate.com/?id=8759>****
Date Posted: 2008-06-24

**** Battle of Okinawa remains found during construction <http://www.japanupdate.com/?id=9817>****
Date Posted: 2009-09-24  - Japan Update

**** Apologies, criticism at 65th Anniversery Battle of Okinawa <http://www.japanupdate.com/?id=10431>****
Date Posted: 2010-06-09

**** WWII Battlefields soon to get additional protection <http://www.japanupdate.com/?id=10422>****
Date Posted: 2010-06-24
  Hey, Deep pockets!  Still have some yen left over from liberty call?
   Wanna buy some relics?   

  Seriously, items come by that are offered that  don't fit the Pacific War/USMC theme and are offered here to you by trusted contributors of this site.   Check out the Gear Locker and start taking some of the items off of the CMR (Consolidated Material Report for you civilian types.
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New Gear Added -15 JAN 14
--Authentic Imperial German Regimental Steins!
--U.S. WWI Machine Gunner Uniform Lot
--Japanese Golden Kite Medal
--Wakazashi rescue
--B-17 Turret Gunners Medal Group
--U-Boat Plaque!
"CHUNG-GWA" Corporal Jim White's memoir of Post War China occupation duty with the 6th Marine Division
Updated  15 Apr 2014 - NEW GEAR LOCKER ITEMS!
New 497TH Scapebook with Propaganda leaflets, 1905-1908 Amazing USMC Scrapbook from P.I.  1930's Pacific Swabbie scrapbook,  Airforce Photo Album Occupied Japan,+ Samurai Swords!,
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I am always honored to create a page for your Battle of Okinawa Veteran!
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Lar's BattleField Trip web page
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Mick McClary's "Click Okinawa"
6th Marine Divison Association
Remembering Okinawa
Letters and Photographs of Spc4 Kenny Perry
Co "A" 5thBn 12th Inf. 199th Inf.Bde. VietNam

Okinawa Historical Society's Facebook page - MUST SEE!
Corporal Rothman's Kill Cards!
   Have you ever read adventures of a Marine from Boot Camp to duty in China via letters?  Probably not...
   A special thanks to PFC Bill Pierce 6th Mardiv 29th Marines Weapons Co. for passing along a stack of letters and pictures of a particularly detailed oriented Marine Corps Officer.  
   Lt. Wirt was a man who kept his family abreast with the latest Marine Corps scuttlebutt and goings on in the Corps and the men of the 6th Marine Division.
Every week I will load new letters and pictures where you will be able to enjoy the adventures of Lt Wirt from Camp Lejuene, to the Pacific.

  Join me in retracing Lt. Wirt's adventures in the old corps and with the 6th Marines!

Last update 27 Feb 2013 "at P.I. In Boot Camp is complete!  Next New River N.C.!
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Lt. Wirt Letters and Pictures
Corporal Michael "Micky" Cziva Fox Company 29th Marine Regiment 6th Marine Division - Okinawa     
Joe's Flea market pic! 20th Air Force, 487th Bomber Squadron album with Sitrep's and Bombing photos - Daily flights scheduled from Saipan to Mainland Japan 44/45!
Frank Hanson: The Battle of Okinawa
Lt Wirt's typed 6TH MARINES history from the Adjutant's Office copy circa 1946
Devil Dog Toth Brothers on Okinawa!
Found! MOH awardee Major Louis Cukela's WWI Croix de Guerre Certificate!
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Relic Rescue!
Coman Family Hawaii-North Carolina 260
Coman Family Hawaii-North Carolina 260
Coman Family Hawaii-North Carolina 261
Coman Family Hawaii-North Carolina 263
Coman Family Hawaii-North Carolina 708
Cpl Seese 1stMARDIV Combat Artist
CPL Seese Original Art
WW1 5th Marine Regiment Named to J. Elmer
5TH Amphibious Corps - WW2
Winford Larkin Sim

USMC 1939-1962

Charlie Staicar's HMX-1 1950's Flight Jacket!
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Chocolate Drop & Sugar Loaf Hill 1945 Photographs -Tanks & Aircraft
click on pic
Chocolate Drop Hill - Okinawa
Water Color painting by Wayne Seese combat artist of 1st Marine Division - Found and picked by Joe Mitrovich in PA 2012.  Cpl Seese is pictured at right
  KIA CG Letter Named to: PFC Alexander Smith

  For meritorious devotion to duty while serving with the 1st Marine Division against enemy Japanese Forces at Cape Gloucester on December 26, 1943 at which time he was killed in action.

The document is hand signed by USMC Major General W.H. Rupertus.

Alexander Smith
U.S. Marine Corps

Wayne, NJ

Wayne Township Historical Commission

  A special thanks to Jake Marshall who submitted a second stash of 497th scrapbook material to this site.  Check out the propaganda leaflets!  click!

  Jake is in the process of building a WWII Ranger Museum in West Virginia.  If you have Ranger material give him a call at
  FDR signed document for Alexander Smith courtesy of his nephew Marc Smith.

Marc contacted the site recently and informed me that his father (Alex's brother) also served with the Marines in WW2 on the Canal and that his dogtags were recently found there.
    Currently Marc is hunting down pictures of the Smith brothers, hopefully soon we will share them here!  Stay tuned!
More info and pics at U.S. GearLocker
  B-17 Turret Gunner John Clark's medal group, POW / KIA -   Surviving  aircrew account of mission below.
The John Turner USMC Book
Scrapbook complied by Marine John Turner during is long tour of duty during the waning years of the Philippine Insurrection.

Click the picture to see one- of- a- kind rare photos!
Japanese Combat Swords

page one

page two

page three

Flea market WW2 japanese sword find - 15 May 14
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