20TH Air Force
497th Bomb Group  869th Squadron


Joe sent me this photo album from the 869th Bomber Squadron.   The album contained the daily situation report for Saipan's attacks from the Imperial Japanese Air Force and the Combat mission log from the 497th for the last year of the war.   If anybody recognizes any of the airmen below please give me a buzz so I can put some names to the faces.  It seems that the guy with the sunglasses was the owner and his wife was Georgie.  They possibly were from Utica N.Y. and may have had the last name of Cunningham.  He was either a crewmember or maintainence man for the B-29 nicknamed "Our Lady".

Semper Fi,
Typical page from album
The 20th over Mount Fuji
Cool AirForce Dude
Couple of Buddies
Security Grunt
The Owner of the Album?
propaganda leafet
nose art
pose crew
sharp dressed men
20th Airforce Hqtrs
album owner and top sgt
Nose art Our...
owner relaxing
wife- Georgie
20TH Air Force: 497th Bomb Group - 869th Squadron
Tail Code/Serial - No. - Nickname (if any) -Remarks

A1 42-24592 Dauntless Dotty - crashed off Kwajalein 7Jun45-Kelly crew+pax-3 surv.

A2 42-24595 Pacific Union - ditched 14Jan45 -Cox crew; four survived

A2 42-65282 The Big Cookie- Sienkwicz crew-survived the war;

A3 42-24591 Lucky Lynn -survived the war - 50 missions;

A4 42-24596 Little Gem - survived the war; Archer crew

A5 42-24598 Waddy's Wagon - ditched 9jan45 -Young Crew lost;

A6 42-24594 Bad Brew - ditched on takeoff 23Jan45 -McGregor crew, 5 surv.

A6 42-65292 Bad Brew Too - survived the war- Brewster crew;

A7 42-24593 American Maid - Bartlett crew-survived the war;

A8 42-24615 Coral Queen - -survived the war  Mulloy crew

A8 42-63519 Shillalahlost 18Apr45 - Bussell crew, 3 surv.

A8 44-84020 survived the war

A9 42-24599 Skyscrapper - -destroyed on Saipan 27Nov44

A9 42-63463 Skyscrapper II - w/o 19Feb45-Garvin crew survived

A9 44-69745 Skyscrapper III - 35 missions-survived the war

A10 42-24597 Our Baby - survived the war

A11 42-24741 lost 1Jun45-Campbell crew, 9 surv.

A11 42-24717 ditched 19Jul45, Rodge crew, 5 survived

A12 42-63485 Hot Pants - -survived the war;

A13 44-69929 Misti Christi - -survived the war; Vetters crew, 21 missions

A14 42-24772 lost 9Jan45 w/ Baird crew;

A15 42-65343 Agony Wagon - Steele crew; survived the war

A16 42-65348 shot down 1Jun45-Crowe crew-4 POW died in captivity;

A16 44-61663 Fickle Finger of Fate -  crashed Saipan 5Oct45 - Fate crew + 9 pax - no surv.
uso 6
uso 7
uso 5
uso show
uso show1
USO SHOW - Saipan
Classified Picture of Matsuyama Bombing
  A special thanks to Jake Marshall who submitted a second stash of 497th scrapbook material for this page! 

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